Reasons to Service your Car After Summer

October 18th, 2018 by

The sun has set on the summer months and your car has taken you far and wide on all of your summer adventures. Your trusty vehicle has got you and your family to the beach, through wooded paths to your campsite, and everywhere along the way.

Since your schedule will likely start to slow down from all of your fun summer activities, there’s no excuse for not having your car serviced after summer.

Here are some reasons why you, and your car, can benefit from having some service done after the warm summer months.

1. Your oil may be due for a change…
After all that running around in the warm summer months, its probably safe to say your oil could use a refresh. Take a day and head to BMW of Gwinnett Place to have a full oil flush and filter replacement. This will ensure that all the dirt and grime accumulated in your oil over the summer is long gone.

2. Your windshield wipers should be prepared for moisture…
If you’ve found yourself in a few rain storms this summer and had your wipers at full speed, it’s probably time to replace them before a new form of precipitation starts falling from the sky. After summer is the perfect time to change out your worn out wiper blades for a new set.

3. Your tires may need to be replaced and aligned…

If off-roading or camping was in your summer itinerary, it’s highly likely that your tires need to be rotated and need an alignment. Having these two things done can help keep you safe in the upcoming months.

All the summer traveling may have also worn on your tires enough to make them bald, which is definitely something you’ll want to take care of right away.

4. Your car is begging for a bath…
At the end of summer, it’s always a great idea to give your car a good wash. Be sure to get your undercarriage sprayed too if you’ve been to the beach or through the mud. The salt from the ocean air or the mud from the trail can cause your undercarriage to rot faster.

Is your car ready for a post-summer treatment?
At BMW of Gwinnett Place, we can help you take care of your car after summer. Schedule your service here to get your car taken care of!

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