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How Often to Change Synthetic Oil

Mechanic Pouring Motor Oil into Funnel

How often do you change synthetic oil in your car, and why is it important to follow the proper interval? Most synthetic oil can last between 7,500 and 15,000 miles. This range is a good rule of thumb, but will differ between vehicles that use different types of oils. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for a more specific range, or contact our service team at BMW of Gwinnett Place to schedule your next Marietta oil change.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil: What’s the Difference?

The first difference you’ll notice is that synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil. This is because synthetic oil is more refined, and typically lasts longer. Synthetic oil also lends itself to a better performance, which is why it’s recommended for high-performance vehicles. Not sure which is right for your vehicle? The best way to choose between synthetic oil or conventional oil is to check your owner’s manual or contact our service team.

Why Choose Synthetic Oil?

Though some Smyrna drivers avoid synthetic oil because of its higher cost, there are quite a few perks that you won’t find with conventional oil. Take a look at some of the benefits synthetic oil can offer:

  • Longer Oil Change Interval – Some vehicles that require synthetic oil can last as long as 15,000 miles between an oil change. Again, how often to change synthetic oil depends on what’s written in your owner’s manual. 
  • Better at Higher Temperatures – Synthetic oil doesn’t become as viscous when subjected to the high heat of an engine. This allows it to last longer than conventional oil.
  • Better for Performance – Because synthetic oil can stay cleaner for longer, it’s often recommended for vehicles built for racing or rugged performance. It can be especially important for racing or off-roading near Alpharetta.

Can You Mix Synthetic and Conventional Oil?

In short, yes. You can mix synthetic and conventional oil. However, this isn’t recommended and should only be done in a pinch. Mixing conventional and synthetic oils means you’re diluting the performance advantages of the synthetic oil. If your vehicle requires synthetic oil, it’s best to use it exclusively.

How Much is a Full Synthetic Oil Change?

The price of a synthetic BMW oil change will vary depending on the type of vehicle as well as the grade of oil required. If you’re looking to learn about the BMW oil change price, contact our service team for up-to-date pricing information. We’re more than happy to get you a quote for your upcoming BMW oil change in Duluth.

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