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Why is My Car Leaking Water?

Liquid Leaking from Car

Is your car leaking water? Typically, this isn’t a sign of something serious, as the car’s air conditioning system creates condensation when activated. It’s normal to see small puddles of water near the back of the engine compartment. Also, water near the tailpipe is usually exhaust condensation that will go away after your muffler warms up. Though, in the cases above, condensation is likely the culprit, leaking fluids aren’t something to dismiss. If you notice your vehicle is leaking water or another liquid, be sure to have the BMW of Gwinnett Placeservice team check it out.

Identifying the Cause of Leaking Water

Notice water leaking from under the car? Follow these steps to find where it’s coming from.

  • Place a sheet of paper under the leak. If the fluid is something other than water, the color will show up and you can determine what the fluid is. If it’s blue, green, or yellow, it’s probably coolant, not water.
  • If you notice more than a small amount of water coming from your exhaust, it may be a blown gasket which is causing coolant to be burned along with the fuel. This can result in large amounts of water and white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe.
  • If you think it might be coolant, the easiest way to check is by checking the levels in the reservoir.
  • If you use water in your windshield wiper fluid, the leak could be from a cracked windshield wiper fluid reservoir. The water freezes in the reservoir, expanding and causing the plastic container to crack. You can tell it’s windshield wiper fluid by its light blue or light green color. Wiper fluid leaks can usually be found by the front tires.

What Fluid is Leaking from My Car?

If you place a sheet of paper under your vehicle, and noticed the leaking fluid isn’t clear, it’s not water. Check out our guide below to find out what the problem could be. We recommend scheduling service at the BMW of Gwinnett Place service center to have our professionals take a look:

  • Red – Transmission Fluid or Power Steering Fluid
  • Orange – Transmission Fluid or Radiator Coolant
  • Yellow – Radiator Coolant
  • Green – Antifreeze from Water Pump, Hoses, or Radiator
  • Blue – Windshield Wiper Fluid
  • Dark Brown – Brake Fluid or Older Engine Oil
  • Light Brown – Newer Engine Oil or Gear Lubricant
  • Pink – Power Steering Fluid or Transmission Fluid

Visit BMW of Gwinnett Place in Duluth for Service

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